Thompson Square

They are such a cute couple!!!

I had the privilege of meeting Shawna and Keifer before their Sacramento concert last Thursday. They are such a cute couple!!! That's all that I got to come out of my mouth too... I failed to tell them how talented they are, to wish them luck at the ACM's (although they kicked BUTT!!! woo hoo!!!), to tell them to keep up the hard work because us fans appreciate it, etc., nope I just told them how cute they were. Oh well!!!

To think that we almost missed out on the meet and greet. The friend that I attended with forgot to print out our tix, so we were less than 5 minutes away from not being at the meet point when it made it's way to the meet & greet. I would have been so bummed!!! Anyway, we ended up meeting Shawna and Keifer and have a wonderful picture to remember the night along with their great set!!! A night I'll never forget...